View & Export Faculty Roster

Roster Administrator

View privileges for Faculty Rosters are only provided to roster administrators. To make a user a roster administrator.

  1. Click the Faculty Qualifications Tab
  2. Click the Faculty Qualifications top menu
  3. Click Unit Management Administration
  4. Select the correct organization in the Organization drop down
  5. Click Add an Administrator
  6. Search and select the correct user
  7. Check the appropriate Create, Edit Details, or Add/Remove Faculty privileges as needed


View of Roster Administrator with Create, Edit, and Add/Remove Faculty privileges

  1. Save changes

View & Export Roster

Rosters can be viewed and exported provided you are a roster administrator and a roster has already been created for the selected term and organization.

  1. Click the Faculty Qualifications tab
  2. Click the Faculty Qualifications top menu
  3. Click Faculty Roster View/Edit Faculty Roster
  4. Select the appropriate Term and Organization from the drop downs and then select the generate icon


View of Faculty Roster

  • Optional: Select “Edit Column Display” to reveal or hide the necessary columns. Select save to initiate changes.
  • Optional: Select “Filter” to filter the roster by the specified values. Check or uncheck the checkboxes as necessary for each value and then select “Apply Filters”.
  1. Select “Export roster” to export the displayed roster to an excel file

You can also refer to the video link: Editing and Exporting a Faculty Roster

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