Completing a Survey

Access the Survey

  1. Locate Pending Tasks on the Home tab.
  2. Click on the survey link that reads, Please fill out .

Complete the Survey

  1. When you click on the survey link you will see Survey Details at the top, followed by the Survey itself below.
    1. The Survey Details is displayed by default and provides information as to who it comes from, when the survey is due, as well as any special instructions that may have been provided.
  2. Complete survey questions, and then choose from the following options.
    1. Click the Submit button if you are finished with the survey completely.
    2. Click the Decline button if you do not want to take the survey at all.
      1. By clicking Decline, a text area will display. Enter reasons to decline survey under box Please give a reason for declining a task.
      2. Click Submit.
    3. Click the Save button if you wish to come back to finish at a later time.
    4. Click the Cancel button if you wish to exit without saving any of your answers.
  3. Once you Submit, a message is displayed: By clicking OK, you are indicating that you are ready to submit this survey.
  4. Click on OK to confirm.

    Below video will show how to complete the survey:

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