Completing a Video Assignment

Viewing a Video Assignment

To open an Assignment, you may click on its title under the Pending Tasks section located in the center of your Home screen.


Pending Tasks

Or, click on the flag icon in the upper right corner of the page to open an overview Pending Tasks, as show below and select the assignment you want to view from this list. If you don’t see the assignment you need, you can click View All Tasks to go view your full list of pending tasks.

pendingTasks_selectCourseBinder-435x328 (1).png

Select Course Binder from Pending Tasks

Video Assignment Layout

  • Title & Instructions: Title and all pertinent instructions are located on the left side of the screen.
  • Assignment Details: Your instructor, due date, and other details are located on the right side of the screen.
  • Attachment Type(s): Your work attached as video file.
  • Assessment Tool(s): Your instructor’s assessment of your work.


    Video Assignment Layout 

Video Artifacts

Video Requirements: Tk20 strongly recommends that all video files, regardless of size, be compressed. Most University-owned computers have video compression software (for example, QuickTime, Window Media Player). If you have questions about video compression, please consult with your institution’s IT department.


Video Requirements

Completing a Video Assignment

Adding a Video 

  1. Click on Select next to Video underneath Assignment Submission.
    1. All fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in before the system will let you add your video.
    2. Click on the Select File button to search for a video(s) on your computer, or drag and drop in the indicated area.  To remove the video, click the Delete button next to that file.


      Add Video
  2. Once you have attached your video, click on Add.

Note(s): If you have previously uploaded a video, it can be selected when adding a video to your assignment. Existing videos are located in the attachment sub-tab as shown.Select-Existing-Videl.png

Select Existing Video

Submitting a Video Assignment

  1. To open a Video Assignment, click on its title under the Pending Tasks section located in the center of your Home screen.
  2. Videos can be edited prior to submission by clicking on the Video Assignment title.
  3. When you are done working on your video assignment you can click on:
    1. Submit: Submit your video assignment for review.
    2. Save: Save your work and return at a later time.
    3. Close: Exit the video assignment without saving any changes.

Note(s): There is a 100 MB limit for video uploads. Video may need to be compressed to meet this limit.

Recalling a Submitted Assignment

Follow these steps to recall a video assignment that you have already submitted: 

  1. Login to your server and click on the Courses side menu.
  2. Click on Coursework in the side menu below
  3. Click on Assignments in the side menu below.
  4. Make a check mark next to the Video Assignments, then click on Recall.

Note(s): If you are unable to recall your Video Assignment, you will need to contact an administrator for help in reopening your Video Assignment for editing.

Reviewing Assessor Feedback

  1. Login to your server and click on the Courses side menu.
  2. Click on Coursework in the side menu below
  3. Click on Assignments in the side menu below.
  4. Click on the name of the Video Assignment you want to view.
  5. Click on the Assessment Tool(s) link to view your assessment.


Click on Assessment Tool


  • Your Performance Rating for each Criterion and comments from your instructor may appear in the Score column on the right.
  • You may click on Video Annotation(s) below the criteria on the right to view the specific annotation to that criteria.

    Performance Rating

  • Annotations may appear as the video plays on the left.


Video Annotations 

Share your Video

A video can be shared at the time of creation if it is created in the Artifacts tab. It can also be shared after it has been created and saved, or submitted to an assignment. 

  1. Click on Aritfacts in the side menu.
  2. Click on Videos located in the side menu below.
  3. Check the box next to the video that you would like to share and click on Edit Options
  4. Click on the Sharing sub-tab.
    1. To share with individuals, type their email address or name separated by a semicolon in the People field.
    2. To share with a course, make a checkmark next to the course you want to share. If your course is not listed you may add a course by clicking on
    3. If you want to be the only one to see comments added to your video, or if you want others to see comments placed on your video, then select the appropriate Option.

      Video Sharing

  5. Click on Update.
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