Create and Submit a Time Log Entry

To Create a Time Log Entry:

  1. In Tk20, navigate to Time Logs, under the Home tab on the side menu.

     Here, you will see two tabs across the top of the page: Entries and Dashboard.

    • The Entries tab shows you each individual time log entry that you have created. This page will show you the following information:
      • The date for which you logged a particular entry
      • The clock hours during which you were onsite for a particular entry
      • The duration, or total number of hours, for which you were onsite for a particular entry
      • The approval status of a particular entry:
        • Not submitted: you have not yet submitted the entry to your reviewer for approval
        • Pending approval: you have submitted the entry to your reviewer for approval, but the reviewer has not yet provided his/her approval/rejection
        • Approved: the reviewer provided approval of your time submission
        • Rejected: the reviewer rejected your time submission
      • The activity that was performed during a particular entry
      • The email of the reviewer
      • The title of the time log for which an entry has been created
        Entries-View.pngEntries Tab
    • The Dashboard tab provides two representations of the status of your entries:
      • A chart that shows the total number of hours in each status category per activity
      • An interactive graph that can show hours based on approval status or activity
  1. In the Entries tab, click the green “Create New Activity” button. Fill in the following activities details (each corresponds with the number in the graphic below): 
    1. Time Log: If multiple time logs are available to you, use the drop-down menu to select the relevant time log for which you want to create the entry.  If only a one-time log is available to you, the selection will automatically be made for you.
    2. Activity: from this drop-down menu, select the activity relevant to this particular entry.
    3. Reviewer Email: Type in the email address of the person who will be reviewing and approving/rejecting your entry.
    4. Date: Select the date for which you are entering this time.
    5. Time Range: Select the clock hours for which you are submitting this entry.
    6. Description (optional): You may include a description of your experience during this entry.
    7. Questions (optional; separate tab): Your unit administrator may have attached a form to your time log in order to gather additional information about your time log entry. That form will be accessible in the Questions tab.
      Create-New-Activity.pngActivity Details Page 
  2. When you have completed the activity details and questions tabs, click the green “Create” button at the bottom of the page as shown in the screenshot above.

To Submit Your Entries for Approval:

  1. In the Entries tab of the Time Logs page, indicate the entries you want to submit for approval by selecting the checkbox next to each of them.
  2. Click “Submit for Approval” at the top of the list.
  3. Review your selected entries and, if no changes need to be made, click “Submit.”

Note: If your reviewer hasn't received the approval email, we suggest that you advise them to check their spam and junk email folders to locate the email.

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