Editing an Existing User Profile for Syllabus Management

  1. To access the User Manager once logged in, click the button in the lower left hand corner to access the Security Tools and select User Manager or click the User Manager button under the “Security” tab at the top of the content editor:

     Security Tools Menu

     Security Tab

  2. Double click the user profile you wish to adjust.

    Select User to Edit

  3. Click the “Member Of” tab on the Edit User window that opens:

    Member Of Tab

  4. Click the Edit button in the bottom left hand corner of the window.

    PLEASE NOTE, the roles that you see within <carrots> do not need to be assigned individually - these roles are inherited by the roles you see without <carrots>:

    Edit Button

  5. Double click from the role lists or use the Add and Remove buttons to add and remove roles to/from the “Selected” window at the right.

    The roles that are within the "Selected" window are the roles assigned to the chosen user profile. Keep in mind ALL Syllabus Management associated access and workflow roles will have "access syllabus" or "workflow syllabus"

    Click “OK” when you are finished.

    Select Roles

    Every general user who will be reviewing/approving proposals throughout the workflow needs a workflow role and at least one access role (or the single user role for the workflow, the user role inherits both the workflow and access roles needed for the assigned permissions and should be clearly labeled). Admins need only the admin role. All other users who just need access in order to submit/create syllabi require the "sm basic user" role.

  6. Click OK to close the User Profile window and save all changes made.

Please see Syllabus Management Permissions for more information/details regarding the roles assigned to users.

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