Contacting Support for Syllabus Management Revision Requests

The following items must be completed by Support:

  • Adding form fields
  • Removing form fields
  • Adjusting field types (rich text, textbox, drop-down, check-boxes, radio button, file upload, date-picker, single checkbox) 
  • Adding/Removing options to drop-downs, check-boxes, radio buttons
  • Modifying "Protected" items
  • Modifying workflow states and actions
  • Adding filter options to syllabus dashboards
  • Adding or changing email notifications
  • Adjusting template styles/fields present on final syllabi output and PDF (updating layout, headers, spacing, policy information, fields from existing course information, etc.)
  • Adding/removing/updating read only fields that are pulled into the syllabus form

If you have changes that need to be completed, please contact Curriculum Strategy at . Curriculum Strategy must complete these changes to ensure that any proposals that have already been created, remain intact and uncorrupted with the removal or addition of a field.

Please note that if you have completed implementation, there may be an additional fee to modify your forms and workflow. This depends on the scope of the request and can be discussed with your Client Success Manager. 

When presenting a revision request to support, dependent on what is being requested please include form titles, location of existing field, location of new field, field labels, what type of field, required fields, workflow titles, what to remove/remain, usernames, emails, etc. 

The recommended way to present form revisions is to mark up the existing form on an outside document with the changes that are being requested.
When presenting a workflow revision, a diagram of the existing workflow with changes highlighted is also recommended.
If the revision is in regards to the final output, list new fields, location on document and how style should appear.

Please note, not all revisions can be completed due to specific triggers throughout the form/workflow that need to remain. We will provide any explanations of revisions not completed, as well as reach out with questions if we need more information for a specific request.

Revisions that can be made by the administrator are outlined here: Modifying Syllabus Management Forms

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