Creating an Assignment in Outcomes Assessment Projects

Assessment Coordinators and users with a Faculty role can create and manage Assignments in Outcomes Assessment Projects.

To create an assignment or view the list of assignments, click the Manage Evidence button on the left-hand side of the project navigation menu. 


In the case where no Assignments have been created, click the Create Assignment button to create a new Assignment.


For an Assignment, the Coordinator and Faculty will provide a title, context for the Assignment (i.e. prompt to
student or other contextual information) and attachments. Also required are the learning outcomes that student
work should be measured for and the courses in which students’ work will be submitted.

Assignments are organized by Learning Outcome to easily identify the distribution of Assignments across the
Project goals. If an Assignment is mapped to measure multiple outcomes, that same Assignment will display
twice on the list - once for each outcome.



Once this has been completed, you'll have the option to Save and Close, or Publish the assignment. 

When Assignments are not yet ready for student work to be submitted, they will appear in the list under a
Draft status. 

Depending on the Assignment status, the Assessment Coordinator and Faculty can manage the Assignments.
Below, you will find the status that an Assignment can be listed as:

Draft - Assignment can be edited or deleted from the menu on the right-hand side of the Assignment
Published with no student work submitted for scoring - Assignment can edited or deleted from the
menu on the right-hand side of the Assignment
Published with student work submitted for scoring - Assignment can be edited (title, context only) but
cannot be deleted.


If you choose to Publish the assignment, you can begin uploading the Student Roster and the assignment will appear on the list of assignments within the project.

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