Force Student Submission for Faculty

It’s possible to move student names by force from the red "Awaiting Submission" column to the yellow "Awaiting Assessment" column.  Here's the quickest way to do this with a large number of students:

1. Click the “Dashboard” tab.
2. Click the colored status bar corresponding to the assignment.
3. In the red "Awaiting Submission" column, check the checkboxes appearing in front of each student name for each student that you want to force to the yellow "Awaiting Assessment" column.
4. Click the “Assess” button. You may see a warning appear. 
5. If you wish to continue click the “Continue” button. The student’s name will now have the “Awaiting Assessment” status.
6. Click the “Save” button

Alternatively, after step 5, you can assess, and click submit instead.

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