Copying/Editing of an Existing Artifact

Copying an Existing Artifact

Sometimes students will need to revise an artifact they previously submitted in order to submit it for another class, semester, etc. Rather than completing the artifact all over again, you have the ability to make a copy of the artifact that will be open for editing so that you can make the necessary revisions before submitting again.

To make an editable copy of an existing artifact, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Tk20.
  2. Navigate to the Artifacts tab in the side menu
    Artifacts Side Menu Tab
  3. This page will list all of your existing artifacts in Tk20. On this page, do two things:
    1. Highlight the check box next to the artifact(s) you want to make a copy of
    2. Click the “Copy” button at the top of the list

      Artifacts list-Select and Copy

  4. You will now see a new artifact titled “Copy of [Original Artifact’s Title]”

    Copy of Artifact 

  5. You may click on the name of the duplicate artifact to open the artifact and make necessary revisions, including changing the title.

To include your revised artifact in a Portfolio or Field Experience Binder:

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio or Field Experience tab in the side menu
  2. To open the portfolio or binder in which you would like to include the revised artifact, click the name of the binder
  3. Navigate to the relevant tab of the portfolio or binder and locate the artifact that you need to attach
    Binder-tab-artifact.pngBinder Tab and Artifact
  4. Click “Select” next to the appropriate artifact title. This will open the artifact window.
  5. Click the tab title “Select Exisiting” and you will see the original artifact and the artifact you copied and edited.

    Select Existing

  6. Select the relevant artifact from the list by clicking the button next to the artifact’s name.
  7. Click “Add” to attach the artifact to your portfolio or binder.

Editing an Existing Artifact

The below video shows the steps of editing an existing/previously submitted Artifact:


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