Course-Based Assessment Walk-through

Getting Started

If you are unfamiliar with the Courses and Course-based Assessments in Tk20, you can begin by viewing these overviews (Courses Tab Overview  | CBA Overview ) to get you introduced.


Once you are familiar with Course-based Assessments, these two items are a required portion of foundational data needed to use the Courses portion of Tk20: 

  1. Run Administration 024 report to verify students are active in the system.
  2. Next, run Courses 041 report to confirm accurate course rosters in your system.

Additionally, you must understand how forms work in TK20 and build the needed forms. As Tk20 is a form-based system, this knowledge is paramount for success with Course-based Assessments. 

  1. Begin by reviewing these form builder materials (Form Builder Overview  | Form Builder Hands On Training  | Forms Quick Guide ) to get familiar with forms.
  2. Next, examine important guidance on form details such as context and instances (Form Builder: Context & Answer TypesForm Instances). These details optimize form use.
  3. Don’t worry –  You need to know the structure by which your data will be collected in Tk20, but you do not need to build these forms yourself!
    1. Email our support team to configure your forms. Be sure to include your institution’s TK20 URL as well as the form’s context/s.
    2. Review any forms built in AdministrationForm Builder and mark as active.
    3. Ensure successful creation of needed forms for assignments and related assessments before proceeding.


Once your foundational data is set up, you are prepared to construct the templates. Note: Templates are digital hard copies of information that can be used repeatedly. You should use recognizable yet generic naming conventions for templates (i.e., EDU 250 Final Paper; Teacher Works Sample). You should not have to make these every term. 

  1. Begin by building your Assignment Templates (Video  | Quick Guide).
  2. Or begin by building your Course Binder Template (Quick Guide).

Sending Coursework

Once templates are complete, you are ready to send Coursework! (Quick Guide ). When you send coursework, you can customize the name of the sent work with details like term and course number (e.g., Spring YYYY MAT 625 Teacher Works Sample).

  1. Sending an Assignment (Video  | Quick Guide ).
  2. Sending a Course Binder (Guide ).
  3. If you need to grant an extension to coursework that is already sent out, review Granting an Extension (Video  | Quick Guide ).


Now that your coursework is sent out, you can begin to review the reports that are available to use in the Courses section. 


If you’d like to see the different user experiences, you can see a few below: 

  1. Student: Video guides -  Recalling an Assignment | Student Submitting an Assignment 
  2.  Faculty: Video guides -  Assessing Coursework

You can also refer to the video here: Course Based Assessment Overview

Congratulations! You now know the principles of the Course-Based Assessment portion of Tk20! If you would like to have any hands-on training around CBAs or would like to meet with a product consultant to discuss your specific needs, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

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