• Courses Tab Overview

    Please refer to the attached article. 

  • Course Based Assessment Overview

    This video provides an Overview of the Course-Based Assessment  

  • Course-Based Assessment Walk-through

    Getting Started If you are unfamiliar with the Courses and Course-based Assessments in Tk20, you can begin by viewing these overviews (Courses Tab Overview  | CBA Overview ) to get you introduced. Foundations Once you are familiar with Course-based Assessments, these two items are a required portion of foundational data needed to use the Courses portion of Tk20:  Run A...

  • Go-Live Checklist for CBAs

    Go-Live Checklist Course Based Assessment STUDENTS If you have our HigherEd product, students must have paid Tk20 accounts: to see if student accounts are paid, run Administration 024 for the program(s) or Courses 041. Assure that the course rosters are accurate: you can run Courses 041 to view students by course. LOGGING IN Verify that students and assessors are ab...