Rubrics: How to Create and Edit a Rubric in Taskstream


Creating a New Rubric


To access the Rubric Wizard, click Lessons, Units, and Rubrics from the main navigation bar.



Click Go to the Rubric Wizard.




At the top of the page, click Create New.


In the new section that appears, choose one of the following:

• New Blank Rubric
• Upload a Rubric
• Adapt a Rubric


Editing A Rubric

Adding Content

To enter original content into the blank text boxes of a given row, click in the box. When you click, the text box turns yellow to show it is enabled.



Adding Rows

Below the criterion text box, click the + Row button. The new row will appear immediately below where the button was clicked.



Adding Additional Columns

Below each column heading, click the + Column button. The new column will be added immediately to the right of where the button was clicked.



Deleting Rows or Columns

• To delete a row, click the - Row button below the appropriate criteria box
• To delete a column, click the - Column button beneath the column heading



Adding Standards

To add/tag standards to specific rubric criteria, click the Attach Standards button below the appropriate


In the Browse Standards page, select standards from State, National, or Local Standards OR browse or select from Your Target Sets, if applicable.

Note: If a standard is being edited by Taskstream, you may have areas that are unavailable for inclusion.


After saving your selections, the standards chosen will appear just below the row of the rubric where the Attach Standards button was clicked.


To Rename a Rubric

  1. From the main Rubric Wizard page, click the Rename button lto the right of the rubric name. 
  2. Enter a new name for that rubric and select the Apply Changes button.



See these additional resources:

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