Adding a Custom Distribution or Weighting to a Rubric Criteria Report

What is Custom Distribution?

Custom Distribution levels show how many people performed within a designated range for each performance level.


What is Report Weighting?

Weighting preferences allow you to choose whether or not you want to give the rubric criteria different weighted values in the report. If you choose "No Weighting" then each criterion will have the same weight when calculating totals for criteria groups. If you choose to have weighting, you can indicate relative value and worth between one criterion and another (e.g., criteria used to assess a final project could be given a higher weight than criteria used to assess a short essay).


Adding a Custom Distribution

To add a custom distribution to your custom rubric criteria report, you will need to access the report preferences.

To begin, click on the Performance by Rubric Criteria Report from the DRF Reports menu.



OPTION 1: Click the Edit button if your report format already exists.



OPTION 2: If you’re creating a brand-new format, click Create a New Report Format.



When you arrive at the Edit Format step, click the Report Preferences button.



Choose Custom Distribution Needed and select the number of levels you would like in your distribution. After making your selections, click Apply Changes.



On the Edit Performance Levels screen, enter a name (maximum of 30 characters) and define the performance levels (e.g., Pass/Fail, or Unsatisfactory/Satisfactory/Above Expectation).



By default, the percentages are equally distributed among the number of levels you selected. The percentage range can be set from 0-100 without gaps or overlaps. Auto-Calculate can set the ranges to be evenly dispersed across the selected performance levels.

  • (Optional) To add an additional performance level, click Add New Level.

  • (Optional) To remove a specific performance level, click Remove.

  • (Optional) To return to the default ranges for each of the performance levels, click Auto-Calculate Range Values.

  • (Optional) To remove all of the custom distribution levels you have setup, click Delete Custom Distribution.

Once your distribution levels have been setup, click Continue.



Adding Report Weighting

From the Report Preferences screen, click on Weighting Preferred. Once making your selection click Apply Changes.


To assign a numerical value between 0 and 100, from the Edit Format page, click Assign Weight.



A script prompt will open. Enter a weight value (a point value between 10 and 100 is recommended). Click OK.


Be sure to enter the weights for each criterion before generating the report.

When generating the report, the Custom Distribution will appear in the main results. Each level shows how many individuals scored at that level for each criteria group.



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