Performance by Standards Report

About the Performance by Standards Report

The Performance by Standards Report allows you to generate assessment performance reports based on selected standards included within rubric criteria that are used to evaluate work in one or more DRF Templates. Since a variety of rubric criteria can be selected for each report, the rubric criteria are automatically grouped by specific standards based on the rubric/standards connection established during rubric setup. From this report area, you can generate reports based on the standards you selected and access reports shared by other report TS Coordinators in your learning community.


Running a Performance by Standards Report

To begin, click TS Coordinator from the top menu bar.



From the TS Coordinator menu, click on DRF Program Reports.



Then click Performance by Standards report link from the Performance/Outcome Assessment Reports section of the Reports Menu.



Selecting Standards for your Report

The Select Standards page allows you to select the appropriate standard(s) you wish to include in your report. Standards must be associated with rubrics that have been scored before this report can yield meaningful results.


Note: Any standards displayed with a red asterisk (*) and disabled indicate they are currently being edited by Taskstream; therefore, they are not available for new mappings until after edits are completed. You can go to the next level for any items which have the Go to Next Level enabled BUT if the subset is marked Editing Allowed, you cannot select to add any standards in the subset.




  1. From the Select Standards page, click on the pull-down menu.
  2. Select your standards.
  3. Click Go.



      4. To drill down to the necessary standards for your report, use Go to Next Level.



     5. Once you have found your standard(s), click the checkbox to add them to your report.



     6. Click Continue to proceed.



(Optional) To add standards from another set and retain ones you have already selected, click Save and Add from Another Set. The Browse Standards page loads. Repeat steps 1 through 5 listed above.



Selecting Templated for your Report

After you have selected the appropriate standards to include in your report, you will be brought to the Select Template page.

From the Select Templates page, choose the DRF Template(s) that you want to include in your report.



(Optional) To choose all of the templates displayed in the list, use the Select All option.


To proceed, click Continue.

Note: If the standards you have selected are not associated to any DRF Rubrics, then the following screen appears:



The standard(s) you have selected are not connected to any DRF rubrics in Programs where you have the permission to run reports. If you believe you should be able to report on these standards, please check your roles in these Programs. Make sure the DRF rubrics have the correct standards attached.


Selecting Rubric Criteria for your Report

From the Select Rubric Criteria page, choose the rubric criteria you wish to include in your report. Uncheck criteria to remove it from your report.



If the same rubric is used for multiple DRF requirements, the rubric criteria for each instance are listed separately. This makes it possible to generate a report that shows how well Authors performed on specified criteria across different DRF requirements and/or different DRF Templates.

(Optional) To rename the selected standard (for a shorter, more succinct header in the report), enter a new report label in the Report Label field.

(Optional) To select a different template, click Change Template Selection(s).

To proceed, click Continue.



From the Select Users/Filters page, you can choose whom to run the report on.



  • All Authors in one or more Programs using selected DRF Template
    This option provides a view of the names of the Programs where the selected standards were used; select the Programs you
    want to report on.


  • Random sample of Authors in one or more Programs
    This option prompts you to select the sample size of the group you want to return. You can select to include anywhere from 1% of the Authors enrolled in the Program to 50% of the Authors enrolled in the Program. You need to choose from which Programs you want to pull the sample from. Note: filter by date is not available for this selection.


  • All Authors evaluated by a particular Evaluator
    This option provides a list of Evaluators in each Program using the selected DRF Template; select the Evaluators you want to include in your report.


  • All Authors grouped with a particular Evaluator
    This option provides a list of Evaluators in each Program using the selected DRF Template with whom Authors are grouped; select the Evaluators you want to include in your report.


  • A single Author
    Type a name in the search box provided.


  • Advanced search
    This option offers search filter by demographics collected by your organization.


Next, select your Filter by date method.



You can select from:

  • Include all evaluations
  • ONLY include items evaluated within a defined date range (use the calendar widgets to select your dates or enter dates free-form in the mm/dd/yyyy format).
  • ONLY include evaluated items submitted within a defined date range (use the calendar widgets to select your dates or enter dates free-form in the mm/dd/yyyy format).
  • In the search results, when there are multiple submissions or evaluations for work, the system ONLY includes the latest submission or evaluation.


To proceed, click Continue.



From the Select Programs page, choose from programs that you have created or for which you have been assigned to run reports are displayed on this page.



(Optional)To mark all programs listed, click Select All.

To have your report results be more meaningful, it is recommended that you select at least one (1) program for each of the DRF templates included in this report format.

(Optional) To quit your action, click Cancel.


To proceed, click Continue.


Performance by Standards Report Results

Main Report Results

The Main Results page displays performance results for each rubric criterion in the selected report format, as well as totals for each group of criteria that relate to a single selected standard.



Standards Group Details

To access the details for each standard group, from the main results page, click the link for the name of the Standard Group (or use the magnifying glass icon).



The standard group report provides a summary of each Author’s performance on each rubric criterion in the selected standard group. To navigate to the main results link in the sub-navigation area, click the Back to Main Results link.



Author Details

To access an individual Author's report details from the standard group details, click an Author's name. Use the sub-navigation area to return to either the standard group details or the main results page.


TS - QuickStart Guide: Performance by Standards Report

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