TS - How can I access saved reports?

The list of saved reports provide access to reports that need to be run on a regular basis. These links produce real-time results based on the search criteria that were saved (search criteria are displayed in the reports detail for each report). You can share saved reports with other Site Coordinators in your administrative area. Links to saved reports can also be included in your web publications (via Folios and Web Pages) to distribute to others or create an exhibit room.

If you have saved reports or you are a Site Coordinator, you can view the View Saved Reports section near the top of the Program Reports page. To the right of each report type, the total number of saved reports for that type is displayed. Reports can be saved by any Report Manager for any Programs. Report creators can view, edit, or delete reports that they have created.

Click on the Saved links (pulls up saved reports for that type of report) OR to navigate to the Saved Reports page, click on View All Saved Reports.

Filter your search results:

To filter the view of the saved reports page, select a report category or select a custom folder from theFilter by... pull-down menu. You also have the option to search by report title keyword.

All detail-level reports include the folio area for which the report was run. To view the report you can either click the name of each report or click View.

 A saved Individual Performance Report remains in the Saved Reports area if the Author has been un-enrolled from the program. When you click either the report name or the related View or Edit button, you are notified that the Author has been un-enrolled. If, however, this Author is subsequently re-enrolled, the report will again be enabled in the Saved Reports area.

To enable the report creator to rename the report, alter the notes/description section, or alter Site Coordinator access (select to Allow Site Coordinators in your administrative area to access this report), click Edit.

Reports shared with other Site Coordinators are marked with an SysAdmin.gif icon.
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