Sample Email Announcement for Faculty on Customizable CVs

Faculty Success Self-Service Reporting tools are valuable to faculty as well. To help you highlight how they can use them to meet their needs we've prepared some sample email text that you may use or modify for your own purposes.

You may also want to include links or references to any internal documentation that you've updated to reflect this functionality. Faculty can find information on how the Self-Service Reporting features work here, but you may want to include information about how these capabilities fit with and/or supplement your campus processes and standards.

Subject: Customize Your CV with Faculty Success

Your daily tasks add up to a lifetime of accomplishment in teaching, research and service, and you log those accomplishments in Faculty Success so we can showcase the impact of your work to stakeholders and better evaluate success toward our mission. But having your activities and accomplishments centralized in the system is beneficial to you too - it is easier than ever to produce up-to-date responses quickly when others - like conference organizers, grant agencies, and more - come to you with requests for this same information. Use the system's customizable CVs feature to produce these documents without sacrificing the control over formatting that your word processor has given you in the past.

Build your preferred CV template(s) once and refine the content quickly using drag-and-drop reordering, grouping and filtering tools and robust formatting options. Then when a request for your information comes in, with just a few clicks you'll have an up-to-date CV in the right format to send along.

To configure a CV, simply log into Faculty Success and select Create a New Report from the Reports utility. Select the Vita option to start with a sample format, or use the Blank Document option to build your own template from scratch. Then, use the tools available to create your CV, your way.

You can find detailed instructions on how to use Faculty Success customizable CV tools here.

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