FAQ: Customized CVs in Faculty Success

As a Faculty Success administrator, how do I make this available to my faculty?

This feature is automatically available to your faculty. Here is a sample message you can use to promote awareness of this feature.

Have you prepared sample materials for us?

Yes! In the Resource Center section for Self-Service Reporting, you will find How-To documentation, testing instructions, and a sample email for communicating the benefits of this feature to faculty.

Within the customized CV tool itself, there is a Help link that directs faculty to this How-To page.

If you're providing this documentation, why do I need to update my materials that are internally available on campus?

While we can provide general, all-purpose documentation on how to use these tools, we cannot anticipate how these tools will fit into your campus standards and processes for using Faculty Success. Following are some questions you might anticipate from faculty, which should be addressed by your internal documentation:

  • When I'm submitting my Annual Report, should I use the existing "University CV" report (custom report), or do I need to build a custom template for this?
  • Am I required to use this tool?
  • What are the benefits of this tool in the context of our internal processes?

In other words, we will answer the question: "How does this tool work?" But we will rely on you to answer the question: "How should I use this tool?"

Why can't I see the reports that faculty have created?

Since customizable CVs are personalized reports, they are only available to the user who created them. This is similar to Faculty Success existing "ad hoc" report functionality, which allows users to create spreadsheet-style reports with data from a particular screen.

Can faculty edit any existing custom CVs that are already available in my instrument?

No. Any custom reports you've created - either in collaboration with Faculty Success or yourself using these same self-service reporting tools - cannot be modified by faculty. For instance, you may have a CV that was built to the specifications of your university or accrediting body. Those custom reports will remain available, and they will not be editable by faculty.

However, faculty can create a copy of templates you've created administratively using self-service tools and shared with them, to use as a starting point for configuring their own personal report template. Additionally, faculty will have the option to create their own templates from scratch or start with a sample CV and make minor changes to meet their needs. This sample CV is a general, all-purpose template that is distinct from any custom templates you may have built in the past.

Can I create a customized CV and share it with my faculty?

Yes! By following the steps outlined here, a customized CV can be shared with selected faculty users.

Is there an additional cost associated with using this feature?

Nope! This is an enhancement within the Reports utility of Faculty Success, not an add-on module. Therefore, this is available as part of your existing use of Faculty Success.

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