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Faculty Success enables you and your users to search the information that is stored within it, including the files users have stored to supplement their activity records. This makes it easy for you and others on campus to answer key questions like:

  • Who has published recently in a given area?
  • Who is best suited to pursue a given grant opportunity or to speak to an industry group or external constituent?
  • What kind of connections do our faculty members have with a specific organization through their service activities?

You can accomplish this by leveraging the Specify text for which to search parameter after selecting Create a new report (formerly Run an Ad Hoc report) in the Run Reports utility to find the records that contain specific terms.

We determine the data a user can search using the scope and limitations of the security role that gives the user access to Run Ad Hoc Reports permission. If the user only has the ability to run created reports for particular users, he or she will only be able to search the information for those same users. If the user's Run Ad Hoc Reports permission does not include Show Hidden Data, the user will only be able to search fields that are not hidden for his or her scope of users.

Applying Criteria to Your Search

To search, type free-form text into the search box. Alternatively, you can use Boolean logic to be even more specific to obtain the exact information that you need. Details on this logic are readily available to users working with Create a new report (formerly Run an Ad Hoc report) through the More Information link associated with this step.

Users can also combine their search with criteria selected through the other Create a new report (formerly Run an Ad Hoc report) parameters – like a specific date range, specific screens, and specific users – to hone their searches. For example, a user could specify a date range of 2006 and 2009. To search only data from the Intellectual Contributions screen, they can limit the search by selecting this screen in Select data to include. They could then limit the search to the records for users in the Chemistry department through Select who to include. Applying such criteria to your search would limit the output to only Intellectual Contribution records between 2006 and 2009 for users in Chemistry that contain the text “amino acids”.

Search Results

When you specify search terms, we return all records that contain the terms that you specify. It is important to note that search terms apply at a record-level, not a field-level. This means that if you search for “amino acids”, Faculty Success will return all records that contain those words – even if the terms are not found in the specific fields that are included in the output of your report per your selections in Select data to include. For example, if you select to show only publication titles and authors, but the text is in the field that contains the abstract, we will still return that record.

The File Format and Orientation and Paper Size parameters of Create a new report (formerly Run an Ad Hoc report) will be used to present the report containing your search results.

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