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We understand that when a Workflow Schedule is launched to a candidate, the administrative reviewers, committee chairs, and members for your process may not be entirely defined, or circumstances post-launch may necessitate a change in reviewers.

Therefore, Workflow allows you assign a committee chair and leave members blank until it is known who they should be and the ability to change reviewers for launched Schedules by replacing, adding, or removing them. 

To begin updating the reviewers for a Schedule in progress, open the launched Schedule and select "View" for the step where reviewers need to be changed. A drawer will then appear on the right side of the page showing the current reviewers for that step. Select "Edit Reviewers" at the bottom of this drawer to enable editing. 

Replacing a reviewer

Reviewers are replaced by entering the new reviewer's name in place of the current reviewer and then selecting the new reviewer from the drop down list. When they are selected, a checkmark appears, and you must select it to apply the changes. You can then close the drawer and save your changes to your schedule. 


Note: When an administrative reviewer or committee chair are replaced, any saved draft materials will be transferred to the new reviewer.


Adding a reviewer

The administrative reviewers' scope is limited to one reviewer per unit, and additional units may not be added. The review committee's scope is limited to one committee chair and one alternate chair, but it does allow for the addition of a committee member to the schedule. To add a committee member, click the Add Committee Member button and write in the member's name to add. 

Once you have added the committee member, click the checkmark to save the addition, close the drawer and save your changes to the schedule.


Removing a reviewer

Administrative reviewers and committee chairs cannot be removed, instead they must be replaced. Members of the review committee, on the other hand, will have a trash can icon next to their names. Select the trash can icon to remove the member, you can then close the drawer and save your changes to the schedule. It is important to keep in mind that when a committee member is removed, any member form responses are deleted. 

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 3.07.38 PM.png

Will the reviewers receive an email notification? 

Yes, they will receive an email notification when the workflow reaches the step in which they are participating. The email settings configured on the schedule determine this. If reviewers wish to opt out of receiving notifications, they can be turned off in the step's email settings by clicking the pencil icon on the step to edit, then configure besides Email Settings, and then selecting the Yes toggle under Cancel All Pending Emails for this Step.

When email notifications are disabled, all currently scheduled reminders, final reminders, and overdue alert emails are cancelled, and new emails of these types are not scheduled. This has no effect on invitation emails, which will continue to be sent when submissions reach the reviewers step. 

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