Creating a New Administrative Reviewer Role Group

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You can access the Workflow Administrator Certification videos here.

Administrative Reviewer Role Groups allow for one user to be designated for each option within the selected scope. For instance, your Role Group for Deans will allow you to select the Dean for every college at your university.

Available options depend on the security scopes you have available in your Faculty Success database. Examples include department, college, or university-wide, which we call "unrestricted". A role group with this scope would be used when all candidate submissions need to route through the same administrative reviewer, instead of different reviewers by scope.

Steps to Create an Administrative Reviewer Role Group

  1. Once you have accessed the Workflow Configuration, select the click the +ADD NEW button within the Role Groups section.Screen_Shot_2022-12-29_at_12.42.11_PM.png
  2. Provide a logical name that corresponds to the appropriate users (for example, Department Chairs).Screen_Shot_2022-12-29_at_12.41.40_PM.png
  3. Select the Type as Administrative Reviewer.Screen_Shot_2022-12-29_at_12.44.51_PM.png
  4. Select the appropriate scope. (For the Department Chairs group, the scope would be "Department".)Screen_Shot_2022-12-29_at_12.46.23_PM.png
  5. The values in Faculty Success for the chosen scope will appear below, along with a drop-down list of Faculty Success user accounts to choose from. Use these fields to assign the appropriate users for each value. A user can be removed by selecting the icon next to "Delete," and more users can be added by clicking on the Add another department hyperlink. 5.gif
  6. Repeat this process as needed to create other Administrative Reviewer Role Groups in your Workflow process.


Note: Selecting the Type of "Administrative Reviewer" and scope of "Department" will allow the group members to be populated with one user per Department. The Department drop-down list is based on values found in your Activities Database, typically Yearly Data. Both menus feature type-ahead, so the department or individual name may be typed in partially to filter the list for an easier selection process.


Adjusting Reviewers for an Active Schedule

Changes to a Role Group will not impact any active processes referencing the Role Group. If you need to change reviewers or committee members after a schedule has launched, please refer to the "How to Adjust Reviewers or Committee Members Post-Launch" article. 


The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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