Reporting Unexpected System Behavior

We need to know if you're experiencing an issue. We recommend you to  Submit a Request, and can assure you we will follow up as soon as possible. You can also email Faculty Success Support at

Troubleshooting Issues

Before submitting a potential bug we recommend you take the following steps:

  1. Try again - sometimes connectivity issues can cause a minor hiccup and issues are quickly resolved.
  2. Clear your cache and history. 
  3. Try a different browser or a private window- different browsers and different combinations of browser extensions can sometimes result in odd behavior. We would still like to know if you're experiencing an issue in a particular browser, but you shouldn't wait to complete your activity. See the article on Supported Browsers for updated information on which browsers are compatible with Faculty Success.

Reporting an unexpected behavior to Faculty Success

If you have attempted troubleshooting and are still experiencing the unexpected behavior we ask that you submit the following pieces of information so that we can accurately recreate and fix your issue:

  • Problem Summary - Tell us exactly what the issue is in two sentences or less
  • Replication Steps - We need to know the exact details of how to reproduce the bug, be painfully specific! In order to troubleshoot we must have the username and approximate date/time of the issue. If you have additional information such as the exact URL, a screenshot, and details on any additional testing you've done it will help us recreate the issue sooner.

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