Faculty Success Release Notes for April 9th, 2024

In the first quarter of development, we have made significant improvements for faculty and administrators. Our rich text editor has been upgraded with better accessibility features and a new sticky header for Reviews, Promotion, and Tenure (Workflow). In collaboration with ORCID, we are introducing updates to sync publication data in Faculty Accomplishments with the ORCID database, enhancing the faculty experience. Additionally, we have enabled the new summary reporting tool, FS Insights, for all clients. All top-level roles (unrestricted roles) can access this feature as a new tab on their Reports page. For more details, please refer to the linked article.



Rich Text Editor (Text Area)

We have recently updated our text area rich text library to the latest version. This update includes some small visual changes. Overall, the new version addresses accessibility issues that were identified when using this editor.


We have made our pinned buttons on form screens more accessible by adding a link that can be accessed using the tab key. This link allows users to jump directly to the primary action button on their screen. Whether it is the "Actions" menu, "Save" button, or "Apply" button, keyboard users can now easily access these buttons after completing or editing a form.

Reviews, Promotion, and Tenure (Workflow)


Rich Text Editor (Text Area)

When writing narratives, candidates and reviewers often write enough text to exceed the visible space of their browser page, which makes it difficult to access the formatting tools for these fields. To address this issue, the toolbar will be pinned in a visible location, ensuring it is always available during editing.

Faculty Accomplishments

New Features

ORCID Export

A new feature called "Data Share" is available, which may be used by institutions with an ORCID membership and have the ORCID integration enabled for Faculty Success. Users who have authenticated with ORCID may turn on Data Share Settings to provide an automatic export of their publication data to ORCID. Once activated, publications from Faculty Success will be sent to ORCID on a weekly basis, ensuring that ORCID is always updated with any changes made to your Faculty Success profile.

The Import from ORCID feature is still available on the Publications/Intellectual Contributions summary page. It can be used to transfer existing ORCID data into a Faculty Success profile before enabling the export for a specific faculty member. Manage Data users have the ability to enable the export for faculty members who have already authenticated with ORCID through Faculty Success.

FS Insights

We are introducing our new reporting tool called Faculty Success Insights to all clients. Our first report, "Scholarship Summary," allows you to view combined data from your colleges, departments, or other faculty groups that are used in your reporting tools. You can apply date range filters and change the grouping method to analyze the data. Additionally, you can select a specific count to see the individual records that contribute to that count. If you have Manage Data access, you can also edit records from this view. Please be aware that more reports will be included in the future, but we do not offer any options to customize these reports beyond the actions provided on the page.

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