SS&E Next Kiosk Campus and Departments Are Missing

Reported Issue

After students log in to the SS&E Next Kiosk system, the Campus and Department selections are missing. The only available selections are services offered at a specific campus/department.

2024-02-06 16_59_31-Meeting Request - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png


If the Campus and Department selections are missing, and a specific campus/department always displays and is prepopulated on the left, this indicates that the kiosk location was set up and defined to represent a specific service delivery location. This explains why all other service delivery locations are missing. To fix this, you will need to remove the pre-defined service delivery location.

  • For example, the services listed in the above screenshot match the services displayed in the "pre-populated" Service Delivery Location Administration record.

2024-02-06 17_13_47-Service Delivery Location.png

How to Remove a Prepopulated Kiosk Service Delivery Location:

  1. Login to Next on the computer(s) browser that is having this issue.
    • Select "Current Student"
    • You must login with an edu login/user that has the SS&E Administrator role
  2. Select "Set Kiosk Location" 2024-02-06 17_00_43-Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png
  3. Select "Remove Kiosk Location" 2024-02-06 17_01_10-Meeting Request - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png
  4. Use the browser back arrow to go back to the Next Admin View - Welcome page
  5. Select "LOG OUT" 2024-02-06 17_08_53-Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png
  • SS&E Next Kiosk locations are managed by selecting "Current Student" and logging in with an SS&E Administrator edu login, further explained here.
  • After logging in as an Administrator to change/remove the service delivery location, you must use the back arrow and LOG OUT!

Note: If for some reason, you wish to set up a pre-defined meeting location and also allow students the option to view all campus/department locations on the same "computer", this can be done by using different browser types. For example, the following screenshots are taken from the same computer.

  • On one browser - Google - the student can only view/select services offerred at a predefined location. 2024-02-07 09_32_26-Slack - Activity - Watermark.png
  • On another browser - Firefox - the same student can view/select any active service delivery location. 2024-02-07 09_28_19-Slack - Activity - Watermark.png
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