System Administration Release Notes for February 01, 2024

New! Ability to Bulk Import Data into System Administration using ZIP folder

System Administration will now have a bulk file upload option, which allows System Administrators to combine up to all 11 data import CSV files into one single ZIP folder import. This compresses the time spent routinely adding and updating data.

Downloadable Error Report*

When data is processed through the bulk import functionality, it goes through a series of validations to ensure data integrity and accuracy. When a bulk import fails, the user will be able to download a CSV error report, which displays all row errors and steps to troubleshoot.

*The downloadable error report is currently only available when using the Bulk Import process, and not when importing individual CSV files. 

For more information on processing a Bulk Import via ZIP folder, please click HERE.

New! Ability to Track Import Status & Integration Status for Every Data Transaction

System Administrators will now be able to track each data transaction, as it is imported into System Administration and also if it has been integrated to the institution's various Watermark products.

Status check will be available for the following transaction types: 

  • Manual Update
  • CSV Import
  • Bulk Import - ZIP

Transaction status will be defined as:

  • Pending
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Failed
  • Canceled

For more information on the Transactions Log, please click HERE.

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