Faculty Success Release Notes for January 10th, 2024

With our first product release of 2024, we are thrilled to announce some exciting updates to the Inbox for Reviews, Promotion and Tenure (Workflow). These enhancements to the Inbox for Reviews, Promotion and Tenure (Workflow) aim to streamline the review process and make it more user-friendly for reviewers. By providing them with additional tools and functionalities, we hope to improve their overall experience and help them complete their tasks more efficiently. We are excited about these updates and look forward to receiving feedback from our users.

Reviews, Promotion and Tenure (Workflow)

New Features

Inbox Updates for Tasks

Additional features have been introduced to your Workflow inbox:

  1. A "Due Date" status now displays for tasks. These statuses display below the calendar due date:
    • Due Soon (within 3 days)
    • Due Today (within 24 hours)
    • Overdue.
  2. The department of the candidate who is being reviewed has been added as an additional column. If a schedule has been set up to have a joint appointment review, you will see all applicable departments in this column.
  3. An additional column, “Date Received” which will update as tasks come into your inbox going forward, ensuring that you have visibility to when a task entered your task list. (Note: This data will only populate for submissions received after December 12th, 2023)
  4. The Inbox task list will now paginate at 20 tasks, enabling you to more effectively focus on the tasks you need to.
  5. Filters are enabled for most of the columns, enabling you to focus your attention on a specific review process, a specific department, or a specific segment of tasks based on due date status.

Faculty Success


Branding Updates

We are now replacing the Watermark logo with your Institutional logo in the upper left corner of the white navigation bar. This should allow your users to feel like they are using an institutional tool instead of focusing on the vendor logo itself. If updates to your institutional logo are needed, you may submit a new png logo through the Work Request utility as a "General" category request.

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