What is Faculty Insights?

Faculty Insights, a feature within Faculty Success, is a powerful reporting and dashboard tool designed to provide campus leaders and system administrators with valuable insights into their data. It offers a wide range of pre-built summary reports that can be utilized to make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of faculty activities. Within these summary reports, Faculty Insights also allows you to drill down into specific data points to gain more detailed information. This means that you can access specific record information within the report, allowing you to analyze individual contributions and track progress over time.

The Faculty Insights feature is part of the Reports section of Faculty Success, similarly relying on the Activities tracked for users for generation and utilization. This means for a user's activities to appear in a summary report, both the tracking of activities and the presence of relevant records are necessary.

Accessing Faculty Insights 

To navigate to the Faculty Insights reports, go to the "Reports" utility from the top navigation bar, and then select the Insights tab component within the screen.

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Keep in mind that only users who have been assigned a security role with the FS Insights permission will be able to access this feature. A work request may be submitted to add this permission to one of your existing security roles, or a new standalone security role for this permission may be created. For a guide on how to review and create security roles, see this article.

The FS Insights permission is only available to an unrestricted security scope, which allows users who have been granted this permission to view the summary reports for all users.

Summary Reports 

Once you have accessed the INSIGHTS tab, there will have a list of summary reports that will function using the Faculty Success Insights mechanism. The first report available is the Scholarship Summary. Upon selecting a report, a dashboard will display summary counts of activity screens included in the report. Only activities by enabled user accounts will be included in the summary.

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Note: Thank you for your patience, as summary reports may take awhile to generate.

When selecting any summary values in the Dashboard, you can drill down into specific users and records that make up the count. While in this drill down view, a user with Manage Data: Read/Write will be able to view additional details for a specific record while also having the ability to update/modify the record if needed. Users without the Read/Write permission will have a read-only view of the record details.

For more information on how to edit records from the report, visit this article

Sorting and Filtering in Summary Reports 

Summary reports can be filtered by customizing the date range to see activities for a specific time period, and they can be sorted by groups of data owner path such as college, department, rank, and more. Continue reading to learn more about how to Sort and Filter your report. 

Customizing Date Ranges in Summary Reports

Activities are included in the summary report are based on their overall record date range, which commonly reflects the earliest and latest date entered on the screen. The date range in the selected report can be customized to filter the activities included as desired by clicking on "All Dates" and modifying the date range in the pop up window that appears.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 2.38.44 AM.png

To verify which dates are used to include an activity for a particular screen in your report, consult your Configuration Report and identify the dates which are date fields labelled as "significant." To learn more about significant dates and reporting, see this article

Sorting by Group in Summary Reports 

The sorting tool can be used to view your summary report by group categories. The groups available for sorting are determined by the configured Data Owner Data Paths in your Faculty Success instance. These Owner Data Paths include units such as college, department, school, rank, and others. To sort by group, click the "SORT & FILTER" button, which will open a drawer on the left-hand side from which you can select the desired group to sort by.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 3.01.30 AM.png

You can configure additional owner data paths by submitting a general work request, which will then be displayed in the "Group By" drop-down list once completed. This allows for more flexibility in how you group and categorize the activity summaries.

Note: Configuring additional owner data paths for your system will also add the new grouping option for Reports, Security Roles, and Workflow (if applicable).

Record Linking

Many of the activity screens used for these reports support record linking, which causes a record to appear for multiple users in our other reporting solutions. The Insights reports use de-duplication logic based on record ID, where only unique IDs will be counted. As a result, an activity with more that one internal collaborator will only appear under the Data Owner Paths (College/Department) of the record owner.

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