Scholarship Summary

With the Faculty Insights feature, campus leaders and system administrators will have a powerful tool at their disposal to better understand and utilize the data related to faculty activities. This will enable them to make data-driven decisions and support faculty members in their scholarly endeavors.

One of the key insights offered by Faculty Insights is the Scholarship Summary report. This report provides a comprehensive overview of all scholarship activities entered by an institution. It includes information on publications, presentations, grants, performances, and intellectual property. By accessing this report, users can quickly get an overview of the scholarly contributions made by faculty members.

For a guide on how to access the report, visit this article. 


The Scholarship Summary table has seven columns. These columns and the screen codes for the activity screens they refer to are as follows:

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 3.32.29 AM.png

  • Group/Sort By Option
  • Grants [CONGRANT]
  • Publications [INTELLCONT]
  • Intellectual Property [INTELLPROP]
  • Performances [PERFORM_EXHIBIT]
  • Presentations [PRESENT]
  • Total

The number of columns available may vary for each institution, but it will not exceed the options listed above. If an institution does not have any of the default scholarship or research screens, those columns will be automatically removed from the table. Consult your Configuration Report to review the screens that the screen codes above refer to.


Note: It is not possible to add additional columns, and only the screens whose screen codes are included in brackets within the list above are applicable for this report. The Insights report does not support further customization. 


Users included in the Report 

All user accounts that are currently active will be included in the report. The report will provide sorting and filtering options to help summarize the scholarly accomplishments of users in different groups. Each scholarship or research screen included in the report can only be filtered using the date range option. This means that only activities and scholarly work within the specified date range will be included in the report.

To learn more about filtering and sorting reports in Faculty Insights, visit this article. 


How to Edit a Record in the Report 

When you access the Report, you can click on any summary value in the Dashboard to explore the corresponding users and records that make up the summary value in more detail. In this detailed view, a user with Manage Data: Read/Write permissions can update or modify the record if needed. Necessary changes can be made within the left-hand side drawer that appears, then save the changes to ensure they appear in the user's activities and reports.



Note: Users without the Read/Write permission will have a read-only view of the record details. 



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