Faculty Success Release Notes for December 5th, 2023

A major, highly requested feature has been significantly enhanced for Reviews, Promotion, and Tenure (Workflow). Our Joint Appointments feature released earlier this year now has the option to split steps for multiple concurrent reviewers. This enhancement for joint appointments supports independent responses for each appointment’s reviewer. This change has cascading effects on other areas of the system, including additional information in the Submissions table, clarity on the candidate's unit for the review, and updates to the Export Excel to include the new information.

New Features

Enable each Appointment to receive a separate step

With this option selected, all appointments from Activities will be pulled into Workflow, and reviewers for all appointments will receive tasks for the submission at the same time. Future reviewers will be able to see responses for all appointments (as shown below). All reviewers must complete the step before the submission is moved to the next step. Candidates without joint appointments may be included on the same schedule as candidates with joint appointments, and submission will be split across units only when necessary for review.


To support this capability, the History and Submissions tables have been updated to show multiple values when a submission is on a split step. In addition, the Submissions table will show all Colleges and Departments associated with the submission.

For additional information about verifying if your Faculty Accomplishments configuration supports joint appointments, we recommend you to review our recently updated article titled Configuring a Schedule for Joint Appointments. This article also provides detailed instructions and guidelines on how to configure your schedule to accommodate joint appointments, manage schedules, and advanced routing considerations. We encourage you to take a look at this resource for a comprehensive understanding of how to prepare to support joint appointments effectively.

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