How to Upgrade the Moodle Plugin


This article includes steps for an LMS Administrator to upgrade the Aviso Moodle Plugin in their hosted environment for LMS integration with SS&E.

Upgrading the Moodle Plugin in an existing system


  • OpenLMS clients will automatically receive Aviso Moodle plugin updates.
  • If you are using OpenLMS there are no additional steps.

Non-Open LMS

  1. Moodle 4 customers must update the plugin to the new Moodle Plugin. This must be installed to sync Moodle 4 data with SS&E, and this will also allow assignment data to sync with SS&E.
  2. Non-Moodle 4 customers can also update the plugin to sync assignment data with SS&E.

To upgrade your Moodle plugin manually, use the following instructions:

  1. Downloaded the Plugin file from the bottom of this page.
  2. To update the Plugin within Moodle:
      1. Navigate to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Plugins, Install plugins.
      2. Upload the new plugin file.
      3. This will replace the existing plugin, upgrading it to the new plugin version.
  3. Once you have updated the plugin, please open a support ticket letting us know that the Moodle Plugin has been updated on your LMS system.
      • SS&E staff will update the moodlePluginVersion to 1.0.0 in SS&E Application Administration.

Once the Moodle Plugin has been updated, verify that the "Aviso" External Service has the required functions that enable the LMS Data, including assignment data, to be synced with SS&E.

  1. Navigate to Site administration -> Server -> Web services, External services
  2. For the Aviso external service, click on Functions to verify the following functions:
  • local_aviso_assignments_by_moodle_id
  • core_course_get_courses
  • local_aviso_enrollments_by_moodle_id
  • local_aviso_grades_by_moodle_id
  • local_aviso_gradeColumns_by_moodle_id
  • local_aviso_user_detail
  • local_aviso_assignments_and_grades_by_moodle_id

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