The Watermark Ideas Portal


The Watermark Ideas Portal allows you to help shape the future of our products by submitting and voting on ideas for new features and improvements you would like to see in our products.


In addition, you’ll gain access to our roadmap which will show you what work we’ve recently completed, what’s currently in progress, and what’s coming up.


To get started, please fill out this form to request access to the platform. Requests are generally approved within 1-2 hours of submission, and once approved, you’ll receive an email invitation from to confirm your email and set your password.

Note: If you already have access to the Ideas Portal, you can log in at




Once you have access to the Watermark Ideas Portal, submitting, searching, and voting on an idea is simple.  Inside the portal, there is an FAQ tab if you need a little help.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Watermark Ideas Portal

Q. I’ve submitted several requests over the years, but I don’t see them in the portal. What happened with these requests? 

A. Rest assured that these requests and ideas are not lost. Many ideas are currently hidden from the portal right now as our Product Team removes sensitive information and consolidates duplicates. Over the next several weeks, you’ll begin to see these ideas show up in the portal, and there is no need to resubmit them.

Q. What happens after I submit an idea? 

A. There are several things that happen after you submit an idea in the portal: 

    1. Within two weeks, the Product Management Team will review the idea and make a determination on what to do with the idea. During this time, more context and input may be requested via comments. 
    2. Ideas will be reviewed by a cross-functional committee (Support, Services, Success, Product) to better understand perspectives and needs for the idea.
    3. An initial status for incorporating the idea into the roadmap is given and updated on the portal. You can track this status as it changes from within the portal. More information on the statuses can be found on the FAQ within the Ideas Portal.

Q. How will I be informed about updates to an Idea that I’ve submitted?

A. After signing up to access the Watermark Ideas Portal, you’ll automatically be subscribed to email notifications. You’ll be notified of status updates and comments to ideas that you’ve submitted, voted on, and previously commented on.

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