Stay Notified on Watermark Feature Releases: "Follow" Button

What is the best way to stay up-to-date on feature releases and news on your Watermark product?  

Introducing the "follow" button in the Watermark Help Center.

As an Administrator of a Watermark Suite product, you have access to the follow feature in our Help Center. The follow button makes it easy for you to get notified so you won’t miss an update.

Please take a look at the quick video walkthrough below:

Note: The follow button is available to "authenticated" product administrators in a Watermark suite solution.


How to Follow Release Notes and Other Sections in the Help Center

  1. First, log in to your Watermark suite solution.
    Next, click the question mark on the top right side of the screen to go to the Watermark Help Center. It is important to access the Help Center after logging in to your Watermark Suite product, because this will “authenticate” you and will give you access to special, admin only features, such as the follow button, gated technical articles, your ticket history, and more.
  2. You will arrive on your Watermark product’s Help Center landing page.
    You can find Release Notes and Announcements by scrolling down to the News & Updates section. Please note that the News & Updates section may be higher or lower on the page, depending on your Watermark product.
  3. To receive a notification when features have been released, click “Release Notes” then to the right click the Follow button.
  4. It is recommended that you select to follow “new articles” only as the “comments” feature is not enabled at this time.

You can then click the follow button for any section of the Help Center you’d like to be notified of when new content is added. You will receive an email notification whenever a new article is posted only in the section that you have followed.

If you choose to stop receiving notification, you can click “Unfollow” on the section at any time.

And that’s how simple it is to stay up to date on Watermark’s news and feature releases.



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