What Are Tags?


Student Success & Engagement tags are used to quickly identify subpopulations within the SS&E application.

There are three different types of tags that may display within SS&E. These are:

    1. Automated tags
    2. Manual tags.
    3. Data-backed tags
  • Automated tags are applied to student records automatically based on certain data conditions via built-in Automated Tag Filters.
  • Manual tags are created within SS&E and applied manually to student records.
  • Data- backed tags are imported into SS&E via the Person Tag data feed. These tags appear on the UI exactly as they import and there is no further logic applied within SS&E. The tag itself must first exist in SS&E in order for the Person Tag import to succeed.

Why use Tags?

Tags are most often used to group certain student/person type records together in order to filter and take action/report upon a specific subpopulation.

Tag Prerequisites

  • Tags are role-based and can only be used and viewed by users with at least one of the tag's "Permitted Roles".
      • If a tag is missing, verify that the specific tag is associated with at least one of the user's security roles.
          • To fix this: If a user cannot view a tag because their role(s) is missing from Tag Administration "Permitted Role" Settings, you can either assign the user a permitted role that can use/view this tag, or add one of the user's security roles to the permitted roles listed in Tag Administration.
          • Note: Keep in mind that adding an additional "permitted role" to the person record will add all permissions associated with the role to this user; while adding a role to the tag settings will allow ALL users associated with this role to use/view the specific tag.
  • Tags are configured to be used only within a specific Department App(s).
      • If at least one of the user's security roles are included in the list of permitted roles, and the tag is still missing, verify that the tag is associated with ALL the department app(s) where it is used.
      • To fix this: If Departmental Apps is disabled in Institution Administration Features, then the default/Advise app must be assigned to ALL tags in Tag Administration.
      • If Departmental Apps is enabled, make sure that each individual tag is associated with every department app(s) where it is allowed and expected to be used.

To add a Department App:

  1. From SSE Tags Administration
  2. Select the individual Tag
  3. Select Edit
  4. Select the missing Associated App(s)

2023-09-12 11_37_45-Edit Tag.png

When are tags assigned to person records?

When a tag is assigned to a person record depends on what type of tag it is.

  • By default, automated tags are applied to student records once a day in the early evening based on the tag's "Automated Tag Filter" conditions assigned to the tag record in Tags Administration.
  • Manual tags can be added to student records at any time, if user role permissions allow. In Tags Administration, selecting a tag will display the exact roles that are allowed to use and view each tag.
  • Data backed tags import into SS&E via the SIS Import on the Person Tag data feed. By default, the SIS Import job runs four times a day.
      • The person tag record must first be processed successfully by the Connect2 job and added to the Person Tag data extract with active true/false before it is included in the SIS Import job.
      • Once the person tag record is included in the data extract, the next time the SIS Import batch job runs, the tag will either be added or removed to the person's Profile tab.

Tag Administration

Click here to view information about Tag Administration.

Automated Tags

Click here to view information about automated tag filters.

Manual Tags

Click here to view information about manual tags.

Data-Backed Tags

Click here to view information about data-backed tags.


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