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Students are associated with the wrong High School


In most cases, the reason that a student is associated with an incorrect high school on their student record, or associated with multiple high schools in SS&E while only associated with one high school in the SIS system, is that in the SS&E database the student is "currently attending" multiple high schools that include the incorrect high school.

  • When there are incorrect high school(s) associated with a student record, the student may also be assigned an incorrect high school tag assigned by an automated tag filter, and/or appear incorrectly on a high school filter/report.
  • If the student record includes an incorrect high school, this indicates that at some point in the past, an incorrect Person High School record imported for the student person ID from the SIS system.
      • Since the Person High School data feed does not integrate data deletion with the SIS, if someone accidentally entered an incorrect high school on a student record in the SIS system, and later deleted or modified the record to the correct high school, the "bad data" would not be automatically removed/edited in SS&E just because it is no longer present in the data feed.
  • High Schools are removed from the student record based on the "end date" imported from the SIS system on the person high school record via the Person High School data feed.

Unfortunately, at the present time there is no way to automatically remove person high school records from displaying in SS&E when deleted in the SIS system. To remove a high school record from displaying on the UI, the options are to:

  1. Review the data extract definitions to ensure that the SIS Import process will import an end date on the Person High School record when the high school should be removed from the UI.
  2. Enter a support ticket requesting to remove specific person high school records from the SS&E database. 
    • Note: This is a temporary solution as it will only remove records included in SS&E while missing from the Person High School data extract as they are no longer exporting from the SIS system.
    • To prevent this from happening in the future, person high school records should import with an end date when they are to be removed from the UI.

High School Tag is Incorrect

From the "Automated Tag Filters" knowledge base article found here, the following automated tag filter applies a high school tag to a student when certain conditions apply:

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