How to create a Tag


To create a new tag, click the +New button from the primary navigation bar of Tags Administration.

  • The tag management screen can be found in your SS&E instance at by replacing "yourInstitution" with the beginning of your SS&E domain.
  • If tags are missing, verify that the tag is configured in the Department App(s), eg. "Associated Apps", where the tag can be used. If Department Apps are disabled, then the default Advise app must always be selected.
  • Manual Tags can be added to a student record from their Profile tab, Tags section, using the pencil/edit icon.

How To Add a Manual Tag

  1. Select the student record.
  2. Go to the Student Profile tab.
  3. From the Tags section, select the pencil icon.
  4. From the Edit Tags screen, select a tag from the dropdown.
      • If the tag is missing from the dropdown, check Tag Administration to make sure the tag is associated with all department apps where it is to be viewed and used.
  5. Select Save to save the tag to the student record.

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Tag Administration Fields


The name of the tag.


An internal description for administrators explaining about the tag.


Whether the tag is active in SS&E.

  • If active, users may select the tag from the student profile.


If the tag is a system based tag.

  • System based tags are tags that utilize an automated tag filter or a specific Source System ID for their logic. More information about System Tags can be found here.
  • If the System checkbox is NOT checked for an internal or an automated filter based tag, then the tag logic will NOT be executed.


This applies to distance tags being auto expired, as well as determining whether an automated tag is removed from a student record when it's been assigned to the student as part of an automated tag filter that no longer applies.

Which apps will this tag be visible in.

If tags are missing and not displaying as expected on the UI, the first thing to check is "Edit Tag" to make sure that the tag is associated with the correct department app(s).

  • Tags should always be assigned to the Advise app if the Departmental Apps add-on feature is disabled.

Automated Tag Filter

Automated tag filters permit a tag to be applied automatically under specific circumstances.

  • For more information about the available Automated Tag Filter options, click here.
  • If you wish for the system to automatically remove automated tags when the automated tag filter condition(s) no longer apply, the tag settings must be configured as Expirable "Yes".

Permitted Roles

The permitted roles determine which roles can view/use the tag throughout the system.

  • This setting controls whether a person assigned a certain role is allowed to add/view the tag on a student record.
  • This is an excellent solution for tracking subpopulations or other characteristics that you don't want known throughout the organization.

Source System Id

A unique identifier for the tag.

  • For data-backed tags that represent person tag data importing from the SIS, this is used to uniquely map and manage the incoming data backed tag to the above tag settings.
  • The pre-existence of a record in the database with a Source System ID determines whether a new record is created (is one doesn’t pre-exist) or if the record is updated.
  • Changing this value after creation may lead to duplicate tags being created if the tag is backed by an automated process.
  • For more detailed information, please review the Data-Backed Tags article.
  • For tags created and assigned manually, simply type in a unique identifier for the manual tag.
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