Bulk Assign Tags to Select Students


In addition to importing tags on the Person Tag data feed, bulk-assigning a specific tag to many students at once can also be handled two different ways within SS&E Admin, either from Tags Administration or from People & Roles Administration.

Tags Administration - "Assign Students to Tag"

  1. From the Tags Admin menu, select "Assign Students to Tag", as found here. 
  2. Select the desired tag from the dropdown.
  3. Copy/Paste in a list of student ids in a comma-separated list format.
    • Please see the instructions below to learn more on how to convert your lists into a comma-separated list.
  4. Click the Create button.  
  5. Within 15 minutes all students will have the tag that has been bulk assigned.
    • If a student already had the selected tag, they will not be assigned another instance of the same tag.

2023-09-14 07_56_00-Settings.png

In order for "Assign Students to Tag" bulk assigning of tags to work correctly, the lists of Student IDs must be comma-separated.

  • Click here for a few different ways to generate a comma-separated list of students.


People Administration - "Add Tag" Bulk Action

From the People Administration page, you may filter and multi-select a group of users by using the check box to the left of each student Id, and then using the bulk assign or bulk remove action to add or remove a selected tag from all the selected users.

For example, to add a tag via People Administration:

  • The first step is to find and select the student users you wish to add the specific tag to, by filtering on a role/tag/hold then multi-selecting specific users.

2023-09-14 08_07_54-Settings.png

  • Once the users are selected, select "Add -> Tag" from the People Administration action menu bar, and then select a specific tag from the dropdown.


  • After selecting "Save", the selected tag will be added to all the selected users. Checking the UI the tag should display on all users Profile tab (depending on the logged-in user permissions).

For more information about People Administration bulk actions, please click here.

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