Curriculum Strategy Release Notes for April 26, 2023

In our  latest version/upgrade for Curriculum Forms, more Ripple components have been implemented to improve the user experience and create a more intuitive process. In addition to this latest release for the upgraded forms, there are also a couple improvements that have been released to the Unified Navigation dashboard.

The following updates have been implemented for the upgraded forms:

1. The button to select from the pop-up modal on forms will now read as “Select


2. File Upload field has been expanded to further enhance it's usage:

This is how the field appears when the form is locked:


This is how the field appears when the form is unlocked:


The following updates have been implemented for Unified Navigation Dashboard:

3. Left hand navigation and styling has been enhanced:


4. Pagination for dashboards has been implemented:


Please note: Not all clients have been upgraded with the latest version of forms and will not see the form changes mentioned above in their current environment - we are making these form upgrades in batches and notifying clients ahead of time. Please reach out to support with any questions via the Submit A Request button (More ways to contact Support are here: How to Contact Support). As long as Unified Navigation has been implemented for your institution, you will see the updates that have been released for the dashboards mentioned above.

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