C1 Assessment Report

C1 Assessment Report
The C1 Assessment Report can be used by both faculty and administrators to demonstrate student growth and levels of achievement on assessments. This report can be tailored to show the data collected for standards, courses, assessments, and assignments. Faculty and Administrators can choose to filter the information by dates, assessment type, and scoring type.

Faculty and administrators can cross reference assessment data with data collected in specific fields from LiveText forms (if the form was launched from their account). This is often used to separate assessment data by program or other data points. The requirement is that the individual or individuals being reported on must take the form and be assessed with the rubric. Any individuals who did not take the form will be excluded from the assessment report the moment the form is added. The form dataset must reside in the Admin Account and the dataset cannot be archived. Additionally, the student profile filters can be used to disaggregate assessment data for further analysis.

To create a C1 Assessment Report:
  1. Click the Tools tab located at the top of the screen.
  2. Go to the Reports tab, click the New button and select Assessment Report under the category --C1 only--


  1. Enter a Title
  2. Enter a Description (Optional)


  1. Select your Course Filters: Terms
  2. Select your Course Filters: Colleges
  3. Select your Course Filters: Departments
  4. Select your Course Filters: Location(s)
  5. Select your Course Filters: Course Sections
  6. Select your Assessment Filters: Assessment Rubric, Assessors
  7. Select the Assessment Type from the dropdown menu and select Formative or Summative. When no type is selected, the report will contain both Formative and Summative data
  1. Select Scoring Type from the dropdown menu and select Draft or Final. If no type is selected, the report will contain both Draft (Request Resubmission) and Final (Submit Assessment) data
  2. Select Inter-Rater Summary (optional and only available in an administrator account)
  3. Select Date Range (optional)
  4. Add Form-Based Filters (optional)
  5. Click View Report and the assessment data will be displayed visually in two formats: A table which represents the selected rubric section of an assessment document with its performance levels and elements. The numerical values displayed under the levels represent the total number of assessments scored at that level. A color-coded graph displays those same assessment totals by percentage
  1. To save the report for generating again at a later time, click the Save As button
  2. Click Export to CSV button to export data in a CSV
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