Faculty Success Release Notes for April 4th, 2023

Further enhancements to Reviews, Promotion and Tenure have been released to introduce more options for configuring and testing emails. With the latest changes, you may choose to use "digest emails," which consolidate the emails for a given reviewer and schedule in a single email notification instead of one per submission.

Reviews, Promotion and Tenure

New Features

Preview Emails in Browser

While preparing email settings for a schedule, we have added the ability to preview the email in-browser.  As part of the email options for a schedule, the Preview button appears next to the existing Send Test Email option. Clicking Preview opens a new modal with a sample of the email that would be generated for the step.

Enable Digest Emails for Reviewers

Based on the email settings for a schedule, reviewers may receive multiple email notifications per day for all of the submissions in a schedule where they have an open task. To give administrators more options in determining what works best for their campus for process notifications, we’re releasing the ability to configure Digest Emails for a schedule. When this option is enabled for the schedule, reviewers will receive a single email for each process in which they review candidates. The frequency of these emails is set for the entire schedule and will include submission counts from what is currently in that reviewer’s Inbox for that process. This should make these emails less overwhelming and more impactful for institutions.

Custom text can still be added to these emails, and tests can be sent to verify how they will appear for your reviewers. We encourage you to test this feature using the new preview option!

For more information on configuring emails, please see the following reference material: How to Configure Custom Email Settings


Report Field Style Update

The display style for generated reports in submissions have been updated to look more like uploaded files. As a part of this change, the Report Refresh button has been modified to be a button on the file rather than a separate button.


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