Add a "General Service Account"/New User in SS&E


Sometimes there is a need to create a user in SS&E that does not exist in the SIS source system, and therefore will not import automatically on the Person data feed via the SIS import process.

For example, this user could be a service account that multiple employees have access to in order to check the account email messages, or a high school staff member that does not work for the institution.


A user that is not automatically included in the SIS source system can only be added into SS&E by being added to the SIS source system data in order to import on the Person data feed or by being added into SS&E via the Next kiosk system, using the New Student login.

Add a new user via the SIS Import process

Create a new user in the SIS source system with identifying values set on all relevant Person fields as defined on the Person data feed in the SIS Import Definitions, seen here

  • All required person fields must be populated in the source system.
  • Imported fields will include the "general/service account" user's First Name, Last Name, Institution Person Id, Enabled true/false, Balance Due, Person Type and other fields as needed.
  • For example, you would want to import the general service account user with an identifying first name, last name, and edu email address that's used by the general account, even though email address is not a required field.

Add a new user via the Next Kiosk

Click here to see how to enter a new user through the Next kiosk Student View.

  • Once entered into SS&E, the new user's role can be changed on the person record in People Administration to the correct role.
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