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In some institutions, instructors do not have a "subscription" with students who are currently enrolled in courses they instruct. 

When that is the case, the instructor will not be able to view students listed on their course rosters from the Students Tab unless they have permissions assigned to their user role(s) limited profile view or get added to a "relationship/subscription type" that adds these students to their "Caseload".

To summarize, in order to view student information, one of the following needs to happen:

  1. The instructed student is added to the instructor's caseload.
  2. The instructor's role has permissions set on the "Limited Profile View" tab/details settings in Role Administration that allows access to specific student information on student records that are off-caseload.

Use Case

For example, a staff user who is both an instructor and an advisor wants to see student information from their roster yet does not wish to receive alerts and notifications for students that they only instruct and do not "advise". 

For this use case:

  1. In Role Administration, on the Faculty/Instructor's role:
      1. Set "Can follow students" to No.
      2. Set "Can automatically follow Instructed Students" to Yes
  2. On the user's indivdual User Settings Instruct tab, enable the instructor's "Caseload" setting to "Auto follow students I currently instruct".
  3. On the user's indivdual User Settings General tab, set notifications to stay informed only about "Advisees" in the Alerts, Achievements, and Events dropdown.
    • This will exclude from the Daily Digest notifications on students that are in instructed courses where the instructor is not the student's advisor.
    • If the instructor did not follow students in the past then the dropdown will only list "Advisees".
    • If the instructor is already following students, then the dropdown will include options to stay informed on "Advisees" or "Advisees and Students I follow".
  4. If desired, in Role Administration, on the Faculty/Instructor's role, set permissions that allow users to view a "Full Profile for my Caseload". Then define what exactly can be viewed from a Full Profile View by setting the Profile Tabs and Profile Details (Full Profile View) permissions.

Role Configuration - Definitions

  • "Can search outside my caseload" was replaced by "Can See Full Profile For All Students" with the release of the Limited/Full Profile View.
  • When "Can See Full Profile For All Students" is set to No, the instructor may only have a Full Profile View on students that are included in their caseload.
      • Limited Profile View settings will define what information can be viewed on records that are "off caseload".

Click here to view the definitions for "On/Off Caseload" and more information about "Limited Profile View" settings. 

How to Unfollow

When present, instructors can choose to follow or unfollow students from the student record.

If for some reason, the ability to "Unfollow" is not available from the student profile, individual subscription "relationships" can be expired from Person Administration on the User Details tab or from the Relationships menu listed under Relationships Administration.

Click here to learn more about how different subscription types can be expired.

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