Inactive Users/Archiving a Person Record


By design, users cannot be deleted and fully removed from the database.

In addition, SS&E does not support data deletion on the Person data feed via SIS Data Deletion Integration or the SIS Integration Administrative/People Administration UI.

  • To view which data feeds support data deletion, click here.
  • To learn more about SIS Data Deletion Integration, click here.

In general, although SS&E cannot fully "remove a person record", the following options are available within SS&E Administration:

  1. Users that should no longer be included in SS&E can be set to Inactive in People Administration.
      • Deactivating users can also be done via the SIS Import by setting the "enabled" field to false on the person data feed.
  2. Some personal data can be removed, such as the user's primary email address, username, and secondary email address, by entering blank spaces on the inactive user's Person Override menu.
  3. All assigned roles can be removed from the person record in People Administration.

Inactive User Features

Any of the following items may be associated with an inactive user:

  • Inactive users cannot login to SS&E and cannot be impersonated.
  • If the student's last active date was more than a year ago, a student will be assigned the "Inactive" status automatically.
  • When a duplicate person record is marked as inactive in SS&E, from the login/impersonate aspect it does not matter that the user is inactive. What this means is that if any "duplicate" inactive user's email address matches another user, both users will not be able to log in until the duplicate email issue is resolved.
      • To prevent this, when setting a user to Inactive, it is good practice to set the user's Person Override menu username and email address to empty values (by entering blank spaces). Entering empty spaces on Person Override will essentially remove the inactive user's email address and username, which will prevent a "duplicate" inactive user from being found IF a "future" user has the same email address associated with their person record.
      • If the duplicate email address is not removed from the inactive person record, the system will not allow either user to log in to SS&E until the duplicate email issue is resolved (by entering an empty space on the inactive/wrong/duplicate user person override email address)
  • Tasks can no longer be assigned to inactive users.
  • Inactive users can be found and searched upon when staff member permissions are allowed to search outside their caseload and view "everyone".
  • Inactive users will be assigned as followers if they are assigned via tags used in any Follow By Tag Rules.  To remove inactive followers, the Follow By Tag rules must be removed from Tags Administration, otherwise the same followers will keep getting reassigned.
  • If needed, inactive users can be removed from displaying on a student's success team by selecting "Expire Relationships" in Relationships Administration. As long as the subscription is not being applied through an automated process, it will be removed and stay removed. However, this does not prevent a relationship from getting automatically re-applied in the future.
      • For more information about Relationships Administration, click here.

User Removal "Archive" Escalation

Sometimes there is a need to remove users so that they are not found or displayed within SS&E. A common reason for this type of request is when "bad" data or an invalid user made it's way into SS&E.

  • For example, a duplicate user that for some reason imported many times with incorrect information from the SIS. Or a request to remove specific data from the UI due to a privacy/information block requested by a specific user at your institution.

If you wish to stop a person record from being searched upon and found in SS&E, and guarantee that their person record does not appear anywhere on the UI, this can only be done by archiving the user in the SS&E database, which can only be done by the SS&E Professional Services team (depends upon the technical services team schedule and availability). 

  • If setting the user to Inactive and Removing information via Person Override is not sufficient, please open a ticket with SS&E Support listing the users you wish to archive, requesting an escalation to the Professional Services team.
  • If you have a services plan in place, the request will be sent to the SS&E technical team for assistance, otherwise Support will respond with a link to the Watermark Academy for a paid engagement with the Professional Services team.
  • Please note that the archived person record must be excluded from all future SIS imports, otherwise the record will re-import into SS&E via the SIS data import after it has been "removed".

Once the archive request is received by our Professional Services team, we will query the database in order to "remove" additional user identifiers that do not appear on the Person Override menu that will prevent the user from displaying on the UI, still without being entirely deleted from the SS&E database.

  • While a person record cannot be fully deleted from the SS&E database, the person record can be referred to as "archived" so that it is removed from the UI by obfuscating the user's identifying information in the SS&E database.
  • An archived person's user name and person ID will no longer appear in a search or display anywhere on the UI, essentially removing the person record from SS&E.


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