Person Overrides


The "Override" menu is accessed from a person record and allows an SS&E administrator to quickly override certain data values that are associated with the user in SS&E.

  • Optional override values are:
    1. primary email address
    2. username
    3. enabled
    4. secondary email address
    5. LMS Id
  • As soon as an Override value is saved to a person record, this will override the value imported from another system/entered any other way and be used immediately.



How to Add a Person Override Value

To enter a person override value:

  1. Navigate to SS&E Administration → People & Roles → People
  2. In the Search field, enter a student's/staff's id or name. A list of available choices will appear. 


3. Select the appropriate individual's Institution Id, and then click on Override from the top left corner. 

When overriding a username, primary/secondary email address, or LMS ID, verify that there is no extra space at the end of the string value since that may cause the value to be mismatched SS&E.

On the Override menu, you may choose to enter a manual override value to update any of the following items:

  • email address - will override the user's primary (Institutional) email address importing from the SIS on the Person data feed
  • username - will override the user's username. This is usually what is before the @ symbol in the user's edu email address.
  • enabled - select true/false to activate/deactivate a user in SS&E
  • secondary email address - will override the user's personal (non-organizational) email address importing from the SIS on the Person data feed 
  • lmsId - will override an incorrectly assigned person LMS ID. This is used to "remove" a Person LMS Id that was associated to the "wrong" person when the person was first synced from the LMS with SS&E


4. Click Save to apply the changes.

  • After clicking Save, the person's values in SS&E will change immediately.
  • When there is an empty grayed out field, this indicates that a blank value was entered/saved. 

5. To confirm, the override information can be viewed on the student or staff's profile tab.

Additionally, when data is imported from the SIS, the system will check if an override values exist for that data and if it does exist, SS&E will use/display the override value instead.  

6. To remove or edit any of the existing data, click the x on the far right. This will clear the data so that you may enter a new value or leave a field blank. Save to commit any changes to the Override screen. Any change will take effect immediately.

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