Send an Early Alert


Faculty and staff may want to inform a student’s support team of important student information. 

The manual alerting process is a quick and easy way to share this information. 

How to access the Early Alert template

Click on "Send Alert" from the Home Page Dashboard and select the student you wish to alert on OR select “Alert” from the student record to gain access to the early alert, aka Staff Initiated Alert template.

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When adding an early alert, depending on the alert reason configuration, there is sometimes an additional field for an internal comment that will not display for the student when viewing the alert.

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How to Submit an Early Alert

To make submitting an alert easy, the alert recipients are pre-populated based on the Staff Initiated Alert Reason Configuration set in Alert Administration

  1. Use the drop down menu to select the Alert Reason.
  2. Check the alert Recipients.
  3. Enter the mandatory "public" comment explaining why you are sending the alert. If the alert reason is not being sent to the student then the student will not see the public comment.
  4. Enter an optional internal comment if allowed.
  5. Press Send.
  6. The screen will display who received an email notification immediately after the alert has been sent.

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How to Verify Who Received an Early Alert

From Messaging Administration, filter the Message Report by the sender/date to view who received an email message notification about the early alert.

  • By default, the early alert sender is "Aviso System"
  • Select the ID to view the early alert reason eg. type.

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