Faculty/Staff Initiated Early Alerts


A short video demonstration of sending a manual staff alert can be found here

Faculty/staff initiated ("early") alerts can be sent in various ways for various reasons to one or many students, either from an individual student profile, from a student filter on the Students page, or from a course roster.

  • For information about how Staff Initiated Alert Reasons are created, click here.

Sending an Alert from a Student Profile

On the Student Profile, select Alert from the top menu to create a manual/staff initiated alert in regards to the individual student.


Sending an Alert from a Course Roster

Directly above the list of students name's, faculty members have the opportunity to take Action.

After marking the box directly to the left of the student's name, faculty have the ability to send alerts or message to one or more students.  


Sending an Alert

Whether clicking on Send Alert within a student's record, a student filter, or from the class roster, the same message will populate as defined in Staff Initiated Alert Administration, prompting the alert creator to choose the Alert Reason and provide further explanation. 

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After the Staff Initiated Alert Reason is selected, the logged-in user who is creating the alert will also have an opportunity to add an internal comment that is not visible to students that receive the alert.

  • Fields with a red asterisk are required.
  • Whether or not the targeted student(s) is a recipient of the alert depends on the alert configuration and alert reason settings in Staff Initiated Alert Administration.
  • Alert recipients will be displayed on the alert before and after the alert is sent. Whether or not alert recipients can be changed "on the fly" depends on the alert configuration settings in Staff Initiated Alert Administration.
  • Comments will be visible to students, Internal Comments will not be visible to students.
      • Internal Comments are used to communicate internally within the campus. 
      • Internal Comments display on the student Alerts tab, on the alert that the internal comment is associated with.

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Staff Initiated Alert Recipients

Staff Recipients

Once a faculty or staff member completes the alert creation, after clicking Send, the alert will then be directed to those who are on the student success team or according to the staff initiated alert routing that was setup during configuration in Staff Initiated Alert Administration.

Verification of the sent alert will then be indicated towards the bottom of the same alert screen. 


The Send Alert screen will close once the OK button is clicked. 

  • Note: Followers do not receive individual notification emails for staff-initiated alerts
  • Only the primary success team (primary advisor/primary coach) and alert coordinators configured in Alert Administration are included as "default" recipients on a staff initiated alert.

Student Recipients

Whether or not the targeted student(s) receives the alert depends on the alert reason configuration settings.

  • If a student is sent the alert they will be included on the alert, displayed as an alert recipient, both before (highlighted in yellow bar) and after (highlighted in green bar) the message is sent.
    2023-11-06 08_00_46-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

Alert Reporting

When creating a report using the Alerts Report Source, some report data columns will display data depending on the alert type and where/how the alert was created.

  • For example, when an Instructor creates a staff initiated alert on the Courses Tab, the alert will display on the Student record and on the Alert Report Course Code and Course Section columns with the course section details where the alert was generated from.
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