Automated Alerting


In addition to Faculty or Staff initiated / Manual Alerts, the Student Success & Engagement platform also provides Automated Alerts based on information that is importing from the institution's Learning Management System (Example: Blackboard) and/or Student Information System (Example: Colleague).

  • For Automated Alerts, email notifications are not sent to anyone on the student’s support team, yet emails are sent to students when checked in the automated alert configuration
  • User Settings determines which automated alert types are included in each non-student user's Dashboard and Daily Digest. User Settings depend on what Staff Settings Administration allow individual users to manage from the UI.


Automated alerts vary as they are based on the configuration of the SS&E Platform to the specific requirements of an institution.

Some examples of automated alerts are: lack of attendance, missed assignments, off-plan, and current grade or score alerts. 

While the automated alert types vary, what is consistent between all automated alerts is that they are triggered based on information that is inputted into other systems on campus.


How are staff notified about automated alerts?

  • Automated alerts are included in the student's primary support team's daily digest.
  • When configured, students get an email message and a mobile push notification.
  • The Student Success Team Primary Advisor/Coach do not receive messages for automated alerts.
  • Automated Alerts will appear in the staff users daily digest and activity feeds based on User Settings.

Does the alert history tab only appear after the first time the alert runs - no matter what happened (alerts sent out yes/no)? Yes

Does the alert history tab still display even if all alerts generated to date were deleted through Person Alerts? Yes

  • If Person Alerts has no results this does not guarantee that the alert never ran, only that there were no results or there were results that were deleted, or the alert may not have run. To verify if the alert has run in the past, check if a History tab exists - and that only applies to the three alert types that have a History tab that shows all alert runs.



Based on each individual automated alert security settings, adding permitted roles to an automated alert type will allow Faculty and Staff that have assigned case loads and configured automated alert in their User Settings to receive specific automated alerts in their Daily Digest as well their Newsfeed and Alerts widget when logging into the SS&E platform. 


When applicable, Automated Alerts must also be set to Repeatable=True in order to run more than once per student within any time limit.

  • The Automated Alerts Job will always check if an alert is repeatable.
      • If an Automated Alert Config does not have the "Repeatable True/False" setting, this is NA.
  • If Repeatable=False and the specific alert was created for the student(s) at any time in their past, SS&E will not create another alert, even if the old alert is from a very long time ago.
  • Alerts close automatically based on the setting in Institution Configuration "Days until Alert Auto Expires". For more information about Institution Configuration, see here.

The following tables display which automated alerts/achievements may or may not be setup as Repeatable True/False:
Automated Achivement Type Repeatable True/False Repeatable is not configurable 
Current Grade x  
Midterm Grade   x
Final Grade   x
Automated Alert Type Repeatable True/False Repeatable is not configurable 
Attendance x  
Current Grade x  
First Week Attendance   x
LMS Course Login x  
Midterm Grade   x
Off-Plan   x
Overall GPA   x
Payment Reminder   x
Registration   x


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