Creating a Note on a Student Record

How to add a note in SS&E

Utilize the Notes section to capture and share vital student information that is not found in the standard SS&E fields. 

  • Notes can be entered by anyone with access to SS&E.
  • Note Types are role-based. Only users with a permitted role can create and view notes associated with a specific note type.
  • By design, each note is associated with a note type. If a user does not have any role with permitted note types, they will not be able to add/create a note within SS&E.
  • Notes allow for a transparent view into the student record and allows for the student success network to stay aware of student issues, communications and anything that may be relevant to student success.

To create a “note,” click on “Note” from the student record action menu bar:

1.png Adding a note from a student record

  1. Select a Note Type from the drop-down menu.
      • The default note type dropdown order is alphabetical.
      • Start typing a note type to find a specific note type. 
  2. Enter a note in the dialog box.
  3. Select “Save” to add the note to the student’s profile. 
      • The student’s support team will receive a notification about the student note in their newsfeed to ensure the communication is captured.

2023-08-17 12_06_07-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

Adding a note from a message 

At times, it’s beneficial to capture part of an email or text communication with a student by adding it to the notes tab on a student record.  SS&E has made this easy.  Just click on +Add Note from any message.


2023-08-17 21_24_44-Messages - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

Adding a note from a Message Form

When adding a new message or a scheduled message, there is an option to create a note on the recipients notes tab when the message is sent.

2023-08-17 21_25_57-Messages - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

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