Edit or Delete Notes


When a note is created on a student's record, the note creator has the ability to edit or delete a note within a specific time period once it is created.

  • Once the specified time period has elapsed, the note is considered a part of the students record and can only be edited by an Administrator


This time period displays in Institution Administration "Minutes Until Note Not Editable".



How to Change "Minutes Until Note Not Editable" Setting

  • This time period is configurable by each institution in SS&E Administration -> Notes Configuration.
  • To change the setting, select Admin -> Notes ->Notes Configuration -> Edit and enter the new value in "Minutes Until Note No Longer Editable".

If a user tries to edit a note after the Minutes Until Note Not Editable setting value "window" closes, an error will display. Clicking on "Show Details" will display that "The note is no longer editable".





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