Watermark Student App FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions regarding installation and student usage of the Watermark Student Mobile App. 


How do I enable mobile for my institution and how do students obtain access to the Mobile Application?

 After downloading the app to their phone, if the student can access Student Success & Engagement or SS&E and has an active account that they can login to, they will also have access to Watermark Student.  

Once purchased, the SS&E Implementation team will set up an API that is specific to your institution which will allow students on campus to use the Watermark Student App.


Does Watermark Student require the appointment scheduling module?

While the application does not require an institution to use appointment scheduling, it will significantly limit the power of the applications features that work best when students can take full advantage. 


What is shown to a student if my institution is not actively using SS&E tasks?

The icon for tasks will can still be seen from the student's perspective, yet when clicking on the icon, there will be no tasks available to choose from. 


How does a student submit an issue with the App?

If the issue is regarding access to the app, due to the way in which the application authenticates through an institutions system , the student will need to ensure they have access through the internal IT department first. If a student reports an issue with usability of a particular feature or functionality, this would then need to be reported to SS&E through the ticketing support system. 


What type of IT assistance will be needed in order to maintain the app?

Nothing should be required from the IT team to maintain the app. If a student can log in to Engage, then they can log in to mobile.


Is there a list of phone types that the app is compatible with? 

We support both Apple and Android phones. For Apple the iOS version must be 9.0 or newer. For Android the version must be 9.0 or newer. 


What happens with the student location data on the app?  Who has access to this?  Can you provide more details on overall app security?

  • We only save a student's location after attendance is taken using the app. This information is only stored on the attendance record in our database.
  •  To log in the user will go through the Oauth process set up by the institution. We do not have any biometrics set up so that a user can log in with face ID or fingerprint. They will just need to log in the same way they do with Engage.

What are the project requirements for implementing the Watermark Student App? Would you recommend we speak with the Engineering Team to discuss technical requirements?

SS&E Implementation staff will have to set up the API for the institution and enable the mobile app.

Is there a limit to students users with Watermark Student Mobile? 
There is not a technical limit to the # of students.
Why does the app automatically log me in to a different account after I enter my school issued email address? 
The "Enter your Institution Email" screen serves to route the user to the correct institution environment based on the email. Once the user has been directed to their correct environment, they are presented with the authentication method chosen by the institution. If the user is logged into a different account in SS&E on a web browser on their phone, then this login screen will know that and automatically log the user in under those credentials. In order to login to a separate account, the user will need to log themselves out of SS&E on their web browser on their phone.



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