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Depending on Attendance Configuration Administration, when attendance tracking is enabled in SS&E, students may see the following screens depending on how each instructor chooses to record attendance at each course meeting.

Your Attendance has been recorded

If Location Based Attendance is not being enforced by the instructor, or location based attendance is being enforced by the instructor and the student's mobile device is within the preset distance radius from the course section "building" as defined in SS&E Administration, students will be able to:

  1. Select the course from the "Courses" tab.
  2. Select "Mark Your Attendance" on the course details page.
  3. Enter a code provided by the instructor that allows students to record/submit their own attendance as long as the course meeting "Attendance is Open", i.e. the open attendance duration has not expired.
  4. Select "Confirm" to receive confirmation that their attendance was submitted successfully. 

Screenshot_20220412-113613_Aviso_Student.jpg   Screenshot_20220412-113648_Aviso_Student.jpg   Screenshot_20220412-113708_Aviso_Student.jpg   

Screenshot_20220412-113722_Aviso_Student.jpg   Screenshot_20220412-113728_Aviso_Student.jpg   Screenshot_20220412-100423_Aviso_Student.jpg

Your location is outside of the enforcement area

If an instructor enforces location based attendance on a course section meeting and the student's mobile device is NOT located within the distance radius defined in Attendance Configuration based on the course section building location, they will not be allowed to submit their attendance.

When this error message displays. the student is either located too far away from the course section building or the building location configuration data is incorrect.


Could not obtain your location

For students to be able to submit attendance through the Watermark Student App on their mobile device, location data must be turned on and permitted.

If this error message displays, clicking Ok will enable location data and allow the Watermark Student app to access and use the mobile device location data.





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