LMS Enrollment Import Troubleshooting


The Student Success & Engagement Health Status Check Report will display an "Unhealthy" warning message when at least one of the following statements cannot be resolved:

  1. At least one of the course sections in the current term has an LMS ID
  2. The last sync time for the most recent LMS enrollment record is within 12 hours

When one or both of these are not true, the system will display an "Unhealthy" warning in SS&E Administration -> Advanced -> Health Status, found here.

Reasons that can explain why the LMS Enrollment Import is Unhealthy

Reasons that will cause the LMS Enrollment Import "Unhealthy" warning to display inadvertently are:

  1. If the institution is in between terms, this would explain why there are no current courses syncing from the LMS.
  2. If school is in session and none of the current course sections have LMS IDs yet that is a known issue/it is on purpose.
  3. Batch Processing shows that the LMS Enrollment Import Job is not completing. 
      • For more information about LMS Integration jobs, click here.
      • If the job is consistently failing, open a Support ticket for a resolution.

Unhealthy LMS Enrollment Import Troubleshooting Steps

If the LMS Enrollment Import Warning is unhealthy due to any other reason that is not listed above, it cannot be ignored. 

If school is in session, and/or there are current term course sections in the LMS that should be syncing with LMS Enrollment data, please check the following items:

1. From SS&E Administration -> LMS Integration -> Enrollment Import Errors, found here:

  • Sort the LMS Import Errors by selecting the "Name" column to view error details.
  • Check "Date Created" to see when the LMS Enrollment data last synced, and if the sync is current.
  • For LMS Enrollment Import Error examples, click here.

2. From SS&E Administration - LMS Integration - Current Term Enrollment Report, found here

  • Scan the data pulled from the LMS for the current term.
  • For an example of the LMS Current Term Enrollment Report, click here.

3. From SS&E Administration - Course Sections, found here

    1. Filter on the current term to view all course sections associated with the current term. 
    2. Sort on the LMS ID column to check if/how many course sections are not syncing data in the current term, eg. are missing the LMS Course ID.
        • To manually enter the course section LMS ID, click here for instructions.
    3. Select the Course Section ID to view additional LMS-related course section data.
    4. Select "Enrollments from LMS" at the top of any course section detail page to view the most recent enrollment data syncing from the LMS for the selected course section.
    5. For additional troubleshooting steps, click here.

Failed to Fetch Enrollments - All Course Sections are Failing

  1. From LMS Integration Administration, check the Enrollments Import Errors screen to see if every course section is failing.

      • If every course section LMS ID has an error "Failed to Fetch Enrollments - All Course Sections are Failing", this indicates that no data is syncing from the LMS for any course section. 

  2. From LMS Integration Administration -> Manual API Calls, enter the LMS ID to check the "Enrollments for Course Section" connectivity and see if/what error(s) are received.

      • Click here for more information about Manual API Calls.

  3. If all course section LMS IDs are failing to connect and nothing is able to return LMS data, most likely something changed in the configuration settings within the LMS system or within the API.

  4. To resolve the LMS Enrollment Import errors:
      1. Verify that courses and data are setup and formatted correctly within the LMS System.
      2. Verify that the API key is active and correct.
      3. If everything looks good and the data is not syncing, please open a support ticket including screenshots of what was checked.







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